Hauling of Greg Connor's 40' Novi in Ryders Cove

  • With our 20 ton hydraulic trailer, we are able to haul and launch boats up to 45 feet and up to a 6.5 foot draft.

  • We are able to Step Masts, any size with our compact and very strong Boom Truck.

  • With our Knuckle Boom Truck we have the ability and mobility to step masts, haul engines and dredges, haul moorings and odd end jobs.

  • With creativity we have moved hearths, hot tubs, and granite countertops to second story floors, and much much more.

  • With out fleet of Chatham Boat Company Trucks, we also offer plowing services for residential and commercial driveways and parking lots.


Any job is feasible for our Chatham Boat Company fleet. Please call us for more information.